Our story

Blackhawk LED Lights was founded in 2014 by Rick Anderson, a seasoned entrepreneur who was already running a successful RV business. The business was suddenly seeing a great deal of interest in LED lights. His customers were curious and enthusiastic about LED lighting — they just had no idea what would fit their rig. Rick saw this happen again and again. Having always been a bit of an inventor, he purchased materials, started experimenting, and eventually created a conversion kit to update the original stock lighting in RVs with more energy-efficient, longer-lasting LED bulbs. Customers no longer had to know the specifications of their light fixtures; the conversion kits made it possible for an LED light panel to be installed in any fixture.

After several months of research, development, and testing in his customers’ RVs, Rick made the conversion kits more widely available and went all in on Blackhawk LED Lights. It’s been an adventure since then, developing new products, building relationships with manufacturers, demanding top quality and competing with cheap copies, and bringing the best energy-efficient lighting to customers with RVs, ATVs, boats, and automobiles.

In 2021, Rick sold Blackhawk LED Lights to a repeat customer, friend, and fellow entrepreneur, James Piccolo. With Rick staying involved as a valuable mentor, James is continuing the Blackhawk tradition of providing the highest quality LED lighting to a wide variety of customers. Blackhawk takes great pride in offering products that are built to last and offering many products that carry a lifetime guarantee. 

Built to Last

When you're shopping for quality LED products, don't be fooled by knock-offs. Cheap copies don't have the durability and longevity that RV and boat owners require. Blackhawk LED Lights are made of the highest quality materials. They're built to last. All of our products are proudly designed and developed in the USA. Many of our products carry a lifetime warranty while others are guaranteed for three years. You can trust the quality of Blackhawk LED Lights.