Interior/Exterior Bulbs and Lighting

Here you will find our selection of premium auto replacement bulbs, as well as interior/exterior lighting options. If you find yourself in need of a replacement bulb for your RV, boat, or automobile, think of Blackhawk LED Lights. If you are also in need of quality interior/exterior lighting, we have you covered.

  • Premium quality
  • Now with a lifetime warranty on select bulbs!

Vehicle Bulb Model Numbers

Bulb Style Model #
1156 1156-A21-W, 1156-S48-W, 1156-S48-R, 1156-BU
1157 1157-A21-W, 1157-S48-W
T10 T10-1.5W-W, T10-SC-B, T10-SC-R, T10-8-W, T10-9-W,T10-10-W,T10-20-W, T10-3W-W, T10-SC-W, T10-48-W, 3156, 3157, 3156 HIP, 3157 HIP
G4 G4-1.5W-SW, G41.5W-W, G4-3W-SW, G4-3W-W, LB1.5W-SW-S, LB1.5W-SW-C, LB1.5W-W-S, LB1.5W-W-C, LB24-W-B, LB24-SW-S, LB24-W-S, LB24-R-S, LB24-B-S, LB24-SW-B
Festoons FES6-31M, FES9-36M, FES12-41M, FES12-42M, FESL44M
1076 1076-S48-R, 1076-S48-W